Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Blog, New Purpose, Taking Action

For those of you who have been faithful followers of my blog, I need to tell you that I have created a new blog at

I am hoping that each of you who have been following this blog for relations to the White Tanks Cemetery, will join me at my new blog. I am not going to continue to write on this new one because I want to leave it the way it is to continue to bring awareness. I also started a new blog because it is a FRESH CLEAN START for me. There was so much frustration, emotion attached to my first one and I want to be able to start over with my efforts to bring awareness to White Tanks.

There have been many people who have come forward to say that their loved ones are also buried at White Tanks Cemetery. They have also declared similar issues to not being contacted as next of kin. I feel like I can not stand by and say nothing while there will be more people who will experience the same discouragement, hopeless and hurt that I did with my mother's situation. So please, please, for those of you who have commented, etc... about simliar situations, please write me a direct email or comment on my new blog so that I can record each incident.  My email is  or you can text or call if you would like at 419-602-7147

I have promised to keep all parties anonymous, if that is what they want. But I need to round up LOTS of information, LOTS of facts about how this happens, in order to go before the public officials and challenge their policies, efforts, etc...

I hope that each of you will find the same stirring within to help others from having to bare the same burdens that we have. 

God Bless to all,      Miranda Rhuda

Monday, July 27, 2009

62 year old Michelle Young's Social Security on My Mothers Death Certificate

I don't know why this just occurred to me... and why I did not think of it sooner, but I guess I just shut down for awhile. Now I have been walking through the facts and brainstorming the situation today... and it all is very clear to me all of a sudden.

I know that the woman who is buried in that grave, has to be my mom. Why? Because Kelly Snyder showed Roy (the man at the Westward Ho) a photograph of my mother. He confirmed knowing her and confirmed her name. He also confirmed that he received a call about her being in the hospital. Therefore, that all matches up and makes sense.
Also, on my mother's credit report, in collections under my mother's correct social security number is the hospital bill from Good Samaritan. It is from March 1, 2007.
So the point, I was denied my mother's death certificate when I applied with her date of birth, name and social security number. They said that it did not match their records.

When I called to inquire about the social security number that the fiduciary's office put on her death certificate application... they gave me the number 526-XX-4X21.

This is not my mother's social security number. My mother's number is 2X5-XX-4900.
And now, my mom's number is left active so that anyone who wants to steal her identity... has an open number.

The number which they assigned to her death certificate belongs to a 62 year old woman named Michelle A Young.

Do you think that Michelle Young would be mad that her social security number has been assigned to a death certificate of someone else?

Do you think that if I called her and got her fired up, she would help me get them to change it and put my mother's correct social security number on there?

Tell me your thoughts! Do I write a letter or do I call her?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where has Miranda Rhuda been? What has she done?

I have not abandoned my followers, nor forgotten you, nor the cause that many of you represent. I have received some emails recently inquiring on my whereabouts. Funny thing, I have gotten some e-mails offering assistance in searching for my mother as well... So I have had to respond to those, explaining that she is deceased. This for me opened the wound that I was trying to allow to heal... So since it has already been reopened, I felt that I should give an update and provide an explanation to my absence.

I am here... (where here is... I don't know). A lot has happened with me and my life in the last six months.

Regarding my Mother's Case: The social security number that her death has been listed under is the incorrect social security number. It is not hers. It belongs to someone else and it is not even close to the correct numbers for her's. So, I have no idea if it is indeed my mother that is in that grave at White Tanks.

I believe that given the name, date of birth and place of birth that they had down for the death... that it is her, however I have no way of confirming. I feel in my heart that it is her... but I can not get her death certificate because the information that I provided on the application for the death certificate does not match the records which they have on file. So I can not even get the death certificate for her.

I could not get anywhere with Phoenix Officials or any attorneys to assist me. Nothing came out of the article that ran in the local paper other than some very nice letters and rememberances of my mother in her younger years. No one has had any suggestions for me as to what to do next.

The last attempt I made, I tried to contact the Social Security Administration to get them to help me clearify whether or not she was deceased or get them to contact Phoenix officials to confirm who was assigned to the social security number provided, but they would not release information to me and could not help me. I tried to explain to them that there is a terrible discrepancy in the information provided and that there is a big mix up. They said that it's not an issue in which their agency is concerned with nor responsible for. If the Social Security Administration is not in charge, who is?? The State Department of Vital Records (who won't give me her death certificate because I refuse to write her correct name, date of birth and wrong social security number). The lady to which that social security number belongs to is still alive. I thought about contacting her... isn't that like identity theft? So who takes care of identity theft? I don't know. I run into dead ends and more dead ends and there is so much discouragement and frustration that I have had to take a rest.

After the story ran in the local newspaper, I spoke with my Grandmother (my father's mother) who has been the significant female figure in my mother's absence and she asked me to just leave it alone. She said for me to let it go and not let my mother's mental illness ruin my life anymore than it already has. I told her that I understood what she meant... That day, that hour and a half long conversation with my Grandma that day, was the last one that I would have with her... She passed away unexpectedly of heart failure in May.

I can't help but think that in her passing, I should just let the issue with my mother rest. It is not doing me any good... actually, it has ruined me emotionally and psychologically for the last six months. And to honor my Grandma and what was her last and only request of me, I should leave it alone... but it still haunts me. I have nightmares about it. I dream about it. I think about it. It just doesn't leave me alone.

In addition to my grandmother's death, my grandfather (her husband of 61 years) passed away just two weeks ago and we buried both of them last week. I am a woman of faith and I know that the Good Lord called my grandpa home to be with my grandmother because he missed her so badly. His heart was broken without her. I am relieved that now the two of them are not suffering, but instead have achieved the ultimate level of peace in what I like to believe is the after life. So although, I am not distraut about their passing, it still hurts and I will still miss them.

(In December, before finding out about my mother, I lost my brother-in-law whom I was very close to unexpectedly). He was my sister's soul mate and they were engaged to be married. He had raised my nephew from birth (and it wasn't even his biological son). He passed away in his sleep one night... just like that. One minute you are living life and then all of a sudden WHAM!!!!

In addition to all of that, both myself and my husband were both laid off in the last year. Finances are very tight trying to play catch up! Then in May I decided to go and see a Rheumatologist because I was extremely fatigued, tired, couldn't sleep and my body hurt like I had the flu... all over there was so much pain that I was asking for Vicodin from a close friend. The doctor sent me to a Rheumatologist and I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

My heart has been broken, ripped out, thrown on the ground and stepped on this past year! If it was not for my faith in God, I do not know how I would still be making it through each day. But I honestly don't think that, even with my faith, that I can emotionally handle any more disappointments or frustrations.

Therefore, I am calling a forfeit! I am throwing in the white towel. I am giving up on my mother's case and I am giving it to God. When things get too tough and you can't figure it out, give it God and he will make it right. So here I am... saying... God, I don't know what to do about this anymore, but I am leaving this issue of mine (my mother) at your feet Lord and I am asking you to do with it what you feel fit.

All of those who keep on going with their loved ones cases are so strong. I am not that strong... I thought that I was, but I am not. I am sorry to be a disappointment to many of you who expected so much from me!

I found online, a letter that someone wrote on my behalf requesting the editor of the newspapers in Phoenix to help me and it is appreciated by me very much. I did not even realize it was out there until this week.

All of my friends at Peace 4 The Missing have all been so wonderful to me and I love them all very much. They have carried me through some very tough times.

I have withdrawn for awhile to try and gather my thoughts.... and this message is all I could come up with!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Letter sent out to attorneys and public officials pleading for assistance

April 9, 2009

Dear Respective Attorney and/or Public Official:
I am writing to plead for your assistance in a matter which is now out of my hands.
My mother, Joyce Patterson was listed as a missing person November 14, 2008. In February 2009, I was told that my mother was deceased and that she died March 1, 2007. The medical examiner’s office matched a woman by the name of Joyce Patterson with the same birth date of July 18, 1956 with a death record in their system. The Phoenix Police Department closed her missing person case based on this information.
I was referred to Harper Funeral home for more information. They informed me that Joyce Patterson’s date of birth was listed as July 18, 1955 (not 1956) and that the information was obtained from the hospital medical records. They confirmed that the woman was born or from Ohio. I was told that I could get a copy of the death certificate by applying through the vital statistics office.
I applied through the state vital statistics office for her death certificate and on the application I printed her name, date of birth and social security number. My request was sent back to me DENIED by the state office stating that the information on their files does not match.
I contacted the Public Fiduciary’s Office, because my mother was buried at White Tanks Indigent Cemetery, and asked if they could confirm for me the information on her death certificate application. The social security number that they provided was nowhere close to her real social security number. And her date of birth was off by one year. When asked how they obtained this social security number and why it was applied to her death certificate application, they were unable to give me a reason. There was no notation as to where the social security number came from and the lady who worked the case, no longer works there.
When a social security number verification is run on the number that they applied to her death certificate, it says that it was issued in the State of Arizona in 1977. This can not be my mother’s social security number, as she was married and residing in Ohio in 1977.
Now I am not sure that the Joyce Patterson who is buried in this indigent grave at White Tanks is indeed my mother. I need to have that body exhumed and a DNA test provided in order to be sure that it is my mother. Her proper social security number should be applied to her death certificate and the other one withdrawn if it belongs to someone else.
Due to all of the mistakes made by County Public Fiduciary’s office in this case and the fact that the Phoenix Police Department closed her missing person case without confirming her identity, I feel that the exhumation and DNA tests should be provided at no cost to our family.
I am praying that you will see it in your heart to take this case or give us some advice to help me and my family in getting the answers we need in regards to this issue.
You can read our entire story at
Miranda N. Rhuda

Letter to Social Security Administration for explanation

The letter that I have written and mailed to the social security administration is as follows:

April 9, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to you out of complete desperation in hopes that you may be able to help me in getting some answers to long awaited questions.

My mother, Joyce Darlene Patterson, was declared a Missing Person by the Phoenix Arizona Police Department on November 14, 2008. Detective Eric Cosgriff of the Phoenix PD Missing Persons Unit was assigned to her case. Despite several attempts of inquiring on case status from Det. Cosgriff, I was not receiving the answers that I felt should be addressed in my mother’s case. I sought out assistance from a Private Investigator Kelly Snyder located in Phoenix, Arizona. After giving Mr. Snyder a small amount of information, within 48 hours he was able to call me with information about my mother’s whereabouts. Mr. Snyder called the Maricopa County Medical Examiner in Phoenix and gave them my mother’s date of birth and name and they were able to confirm a file for a woman who died March 1, 2007. I reported this information to Det. Cosgriff and he confirmed, closing my mother’s missing persons case.

I was provided with the information on my mother’s death by Harper Funeral Home in Phoenix. They informed me that my mother’s date of birth was listed as July 18, 1955 instead of July 18, 1956. They also informed me that there was a social security number on the death certificate application submitted to vital records in June 2007. They gave me the location of my mother’s burial, being White Tanks Indigent Cemetery in Goodyear, Arizona.

I tried to apply for my mother’s death certificate using her proper social security number and date of birth with her name. The request came back to me denied with the reason being that the information that I provided did not match their records.

I called the office of the Public Fiduciary to confirm the information which was submitted for her death certificate and the social security number that they provided me for her death certificate was nowhere close to the proper social security number. They are unable to give me any answers as to why that social security number was assigned to my mother’s death certificate application. Now I am in doubt as to whether in fact this is even my mother. Given the date of birth was one year off and the social security number is nowhere the same, how do I know whether or not it is my “Joyce Patterson”.

I need help ironing out her death certificate and information on both social security numbers. I also need to have this body exhumed and positively identified as my mother Joyce Darlene Patterson. However, our family does not have the money to pay for her body to be exhumed and a DNA test to be performed. I am wondering if it is possible that this other social security number actually belongs to ANOTHER Joyce Patterson.

Since my mother was a missing person, shouldn’t the county, city or local police pick up the cost of positively identifying the remains of this body to close my mother’s missing person case? How do they just bury someone, pick a social security number they think matches and call it done? I need my mother’s social security number on her death certificate and listed as deceased if this is indeed her remains.

Please help me figure some of this out. Whatever part you may be able to help with or answer, would be greatly appreciated.


Miranda N. Rhuda

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lost With No Where To Turn

Roger Coventry just called me from the Public Fiduciary's Office.

He said that there is no notation in the file as to where the social security number that was assigned, came from. He can not give me an answer to that.

He said that the vital statistics part of it is not their role or responsibility.

His office can not give me anymore information than they already and have and can not help me any further in the matter. When and IF, I decide to have the body exhumed and a DNA test done, then I can call his office and they will approve it. However, there is nothing else that they can do for me.

I don't know where to go from here... may I should call someone at the social security agency? Should I call the vital records office? If they don't know who my mom is then how can I provide the proof needed to obtain her death certificate? I don't know what to do... I am devastated.

When will this nightmare ever end for me.

How can they close a missing persons's case without DNA evidence that supports that it is in deed the person MISSING. Should I contact the Police again in Phoenix? I don't know.

Please anyone reading this with any suggestions, write me an e-mail or leave me a comment.

No One Knows How the Wrong Social Security Number was assigned to my Mother

Below is the e-mail that I wrote to the Public Fiduciary's Office today Wednesday April 8th.
What I am going through is unbelievable. It is hard for me to understand how a COUNTY office can allow for so many mistakes to be made. This is not ok...

I spoke to Harper Funeral Home yesterday.
They have informed me that they never had a social security number for my mother until Cindy Ellecon (sp?) from the public fiduciary's office faxed over the Indigent burial authorization.
So the SS# filed for my mother's death certificate came from your office.

I am really having a very hard time with this. I ran a social security verification on the social security number 52x-7x-4xx1 (the SS# assigned by your office) and it was a number issued in Arizona in 1977. It also does not register as deceased. It is showing that it is current.
My mother was in Ohio in 1977. She was married to my father then. This can not be her social security number and I do not understand how your office assigned this number to her.

Our family has suffered enough through this process, I really need answers and hope that your office will assist me.I really need this to be cleared up. I feel that the only way to be 100% sure now is to have this Joyce Patterson's body exhumed and a DNA test ran.

Perhaps this is not even my mother and she is still missing. Is there a photo taken of the body that can be ID'd?

I greatly appreciate your anticipated assistance in this matter and anxiously await your response.

Miranda Rhuda

CC: Roger Coventry, Maricopa County Public Fiduciary
CC: Minister Jim Harnage